Ptouch label printers with Linux

ptouch is a command line tool to print labels on Brother P-Touch printers on Linux.

The printer is accessed directly using libusb, so there is no need to install the printer in CUPS.

This tool was written for and tested with the 'PT-2430PC', but others should also work.

Currently supported Brother label printers

Maybe others work too (please report USB VID and PID and maximum printing width and resolution (dpi) so I can include it).

Support for high-dpi printers like PT-3600 is work in progress (thanks go to Jarl for your feedback).

Compile instructions

./ ./configure --prefix=/usr make

You need libgd and libusb for building - on some distributionen (e.g. Ubuntu) the header files are in separate packages (I think "libusb-dev") which need to be installed for compiling.

Use of ptouch-print (examples)

Print a (black-white) PNG image (the darker color is estimated automatically):

$ ptouch-print --image bild.png

Print a label with two lines of text:

$ ptouch-print --text "Line 1" "Line 2"

Print more than one label at once:

$ ptouch-print --text "Label 1" --cutmark --text "Label 2"

of course you also can omit the cut marks (--cutmark).
To print with a different font or different size:

$ ptouch-print --font "Ubuntu:bold" --fontsize 23 --text Blahblah

To print the label to an image file (good for testing how it looks like, without wasting tape)

$ ptouch-print --fontsize 96 --text Blahblah --writepng output.png

If you don't remember the parameters and to not want to look here, just call ptouch-print with the parameter --help or --howtheheckwasthatagain ;-)


Bug reports / Feedback

Unfortunately, currently I have no time for working on this project. If you want to send me a bugreport, please include:

Please don't expect me to reply within hours or days - it's rather a few times per month that I can afford to spend some time on this

Future plans

It would be nice to have an additional tool with GUI, but currently I have no time looking at that.